Radios / New Age

Радио Премьер (Днепропетровск) Plays: 33
Prime Radio plays music styles such as: Chill-out, New Age, Light Pop. This soft background music that will relax you and send thoughts in a positive direction!
Music Радио - 101,5 FM (Киев) Plays: 9
Ukrainian citizens know MusicRadіo for over 18 years. During this time in the life of each of them much has changed. Together with them matured MusicRadіo. And today it is easy, melodic music created by gourmets from the world of pop music for real connoisseurs. MusicRadіo - an area of ​​calm in a stormy world today; relaxation, which you can afford at the workplace or driving a car. At 22:00 starts his musical sound mix in which selected compositions in the style of Downtempo, New Age and Chillout. From 01:00, aired program "Cocktail Lounge". Now, on the frequency 101,5 FM (Kiev) Radio broadcasts Relax Kiev.
Enigma Radio Plays: 8
Romantika New Age Plays: 5
New Age (born New Age, literally "new era"), the nature of performance oriental motifs and prayers on the set of tools and is often used for meditation, for example Karunesh, Osha, Govi, Kitaro, Chinmaya Dunster and others. In recent years, the genre has been largely commercialized, playing the role of an unusual background music in works of art. Material from the Wikipedia.
Yoga Radio Plays: 5
Air Yoga Radio (Radio Yoga) are songs performers style NewAge, Chillout, Vedic hymns in modern processing, mantra. Such music for yoga calms the mind and helps to relax, do yoga, meditate, meditate.
Aventuel Radio Plays: 4
Aventuel Radio - Internet radio, dedicated self-development rights, emotional balance and harmonious coexistence with the environment.