Radios / Latvia

Top Radio - 91,9 FM (Рига) Plays: 37
Popular music, great mood, eurostyle, image, effective and useful advertising, reception at large distances and much more. TOPradio radio broadcasts on frequencies in Riga FM 91,9 MHz and Semigallia regions Ekabpilse106, 3 MHz, Livany, Prejli (and beyond) 97,7 MHz, Aizkraukle, Koknese Plyavinas 95,4 MHz, Dobel, Saldus Skrunda 87 , 8 MHz, in Liepaja-107, 6MHz, Vidzeme 100,9 MHz
Авто Радио - 103,2 FM (Рига) Plays: 29
On "Autoradio" the music that is loved by millions of people and listen to the music that unites generations. Air out popular programs involving superstars are exciting and dynamic game. Tuned to "Autoradio", you can get the most timely and reliable information about the situation on the roads, learn the most important news auto world. On "Autoradio" sounds only proven music: both domestic and foreign, the so-called gold-hits. In addition, none of the songs can not get on the air without passing special musical taste.
Radio Naba - 93,1 FM (Рига) Plays: 2
Listeners available 40 thematic and musical programs per week. Aormat radio: Alternative rock, ethnic songs and other genres.