Radios / Kazakhstan

Радио 102 - 102.0FM (Темиртау) Plays: 151
On Radio 102, there are many contests and games, using modern means of communication. Winners receive gifts in the studio Radio 102 or at our office sponsor.
Energy FM - 102,2 FM (Алматы) Plays: 75
Radio «Energy FM» - dance station number one in Kazakhstan. A radio receiver Shahar, there are 14 years of age. Broadcasts in Almaty in the wake of 102.2 FM and online. Radio «Energy FM» has a unique format - a recognized leader in dance, club music. On the Waves «Energy FM» sounds the best music from around the world.
Авторадио Казахстан - 105.4FM (Алматы) Plays: 61
Cities broadcasting: Almaty - 105,4 FM; Astana - 106,4 FM Aktau - 107,6 FM Aktobe - 105,2 FM Atyrau - 107,7 FM Karaganda - 106,3 FM Kostanay - 103,8 FM Kyzylorda - 104,6 FM Kokshetau - 102,5 FM Pavlodar - 105,6 FM Petropavlovsk - 101,2 FM Uralsk - 107,2 FM Taraz - 100,1 FM Shymkent - 105,2 FM Shymkent - 101,4 FM Zheskazgan - 106,2 FM Families - 105,0 FM. Live music radio station - this world of retro hits and modern hits!
Radio ICE (Усть-Каменогорск) Plays: 35
Radio ICE (Ice Radio) - ekommercheskoe, clean radio for relaxation and good mood created by a team of professionals! No advertising and official information! Only music and positive! We did not fall under any known format. We are original. In our air sounds best of golden hits to modern tectonics! Radio fashionable and stylish!
Тенгри FM - 107,5 FM (Алматы) Plays: 13
Tengri FM - This encyclopedia of world rock. We decided to collect all the world encyclopedia of rock together. Decided and collected. Mass of all good and interesting now, as a matter of course. And with them, and the mass of quality, "and it has become our motto - only carry weight in quality - and it was our goal." And to add, perhaps, nothing. Just listen and enjoy Tengri FM. (ex. Деловая Волна) - 103,2 FM (Астана) Plays: 6
ORDA FM - a radio station that broadcasts in Astana on the frequency 103.2 FM. Today Orda.FM among TOP 3 radio stations in Astana. Broadcast format: modern popular music in the Kazakh language.
Радио КН - 101,5 (Костанай) Plays: 5
Radio KH - Regional infotainment radio Kostanay. You can hear all kinds of music really from Russian artists 90s to modern Shakira.
Радио ТМК (Актюбинск) Plays: 1
Radio TMK-Tatar first Internet radio in Kazakhstan. Best Tatar music! Radio broadcasts from the glorious city of Aktobe, 21 May 2010.
Радио ТЕКС (Караганда) Plays: 1
"Radio TEX" - independent commercial radio station, which first aired on September 15, 1998, in the wake of 101.2, FM range. From the first hours of their work station broadcasts 24 hours a day, which, of course, different from the other stations in the region. To date, "Radio TEX" broadcasts in stereo on and Karaganda Karaganda region within 100 km and has a potential audience of 1 million people.
Almatech Radio Plays: 0
Popular in Kazakhstan station electronic music. You first hear interesting news from the world of electronic music from our resident project.