Radios / Ukraine

Lounge FM - 99,4 FM (Киев) Plays: 2802
Radio Lounge FM (FM Lounge) Kiev - 99.4 FM, Dnepropetrovsk - 88.1 FM. Continuous light mix tracks from New jazz and downtempo to chill-out and electronic music.
Radio ROKS - 103,6 FM (Киев) Plays: 1502
Radio ROKS (Radio Rocks) - the major rock station in Ukraine! A real man's music - ROCK! Classic West Rock 70s - 80s, plus favorites rock songs from distant 60s and turbulent 90s. Such music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week sounds only Radio ROKS.
ХИТ ФМ 96,4 FM (Киев) Plays: 1445
Radio HIT FM (Hіt FM) - Ukraine's largest radio coverage 86% of the territory of Ukraine! More than 100 cities! 3.3 million listeners weekly! HIT FM For those who came out of the '90s ... For those who became what he wanted ... For those who will never forget the music that was played when everything in life is just beginning! Air HIT FM - the best music 90s hits foreign, Russian and domestic.
Kiss FM - 106,5 FM (Киев) Plays: 543
KISS FM radio station biggest dance radio network in Europe! KISS FM - holds a special place in the hearts of Ukrainians by KISS FM they enjoy the best dance hits of the past, the present and the actual tracks super novelties from the world of the dance. KISS FM - the residence of the top DJs in the world and Ukraine, on the radio sounded unique and exclusive miksshou from: Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Paul Oakenfold, Spartaque, Mays, Nastia, Lutique, Light, Kon, Tapolsky etc.
Feel FM - 102.2FM (Одесса) Plays: 373
Fm radio Phil has a mild and clear sound, appropriate sound "live" instruments. Radio music library includes several thousand works of various genres. Basically, it's the music of recent years in the styles Smooth Jazz, Bossa Nova, Lounge, Soul, Funk, Chill Out and Intelligent Pop.
Radio Relax - 101,5 FM (Киев) Plays: 201
Easy and quiet radio Relax. Quiet and strained to hear the music on Radio Relax Kiev. Relax Kiev Radio also broadcasts in the following cities: Kiev - 101,5 FM Kamenetz-Podolsk - 107,5 FM Syeverodonets'k - 90,6 FM Vinnitsa - 105,9 FM Nizhin - 107,5 FM Walleye - 107,6 FM Dnepropetrovsk - 88,5 FM
UA FM (Киев) Plays: 104
UA FM music, entertainment online radio station, designed for a wide range of listeners. Here you can hear how popular music trends and hits 90. UA FM - a global project, which is the purpose to reach more Internet space, in order to convey to the audience the latest and most popular music, thereby maximize the mood. UA FM - Made in Ukraine.
MFM - 90,0 FM (Харьков) Plays: 104
IMF station - modern, stylish competitive radio, where the sounds of diverse quality music. This is exactly what you want to listen without switching. Music in all languages ​​of the planet Earth. Be aware of all the new, trendy and stylish. IMF - the station in your style.
Super Radio - 101,1 FM (Киев) Plays: 98
Super Radio (Super Radio) - this is the most different songs, Ukrainian, Russian and foreign hits. Kiev 101.1fm, 91.7 Sevastopol, Dnipropetrovsk 101.5fm, Lviv 91.9fm, Donetsk 102.6fm, Nikolaev 105.1fm, Yalta 102.5fm, Kherson 104.4fm, Lutsk 90.6fm, Odessa 101.4fm, Lugansk 101.1fm, Kharkiv 103.0fm, 103.9fm Chernigov , Khmelnitsky 103.5fm, Chernivtsi 101.2fm, Zhitomir 91.1fm, 91.6fm Uzhgorod
Русское Радио 98,5 FM (Киев) Plays: 82
Radio "Russian Radio" - Ukraine "is the undisputed leader in the wireless market of Ukraine. The uniqueness of the success of "Russian Radio" is a music format that fits perfectly in the Slavic mentality and attitude. All the songs sounded in the air "Russian Radio", are carefully selected and tested by the students themselves. So get on the air only those songs that are popular among listeners "Russian radio".
Радио ПЮРЕ Plays: 78
Radio MASH - brand new media, internet radio station with big ambitions, a fast-growing audience and the highest sound quality in the CIS. MASH - the first Russian-language Internet radio station, for which no shame.
Транс-М-радио - 102,3 (Симферополь) Plays: 70
Trans-M radio - one on the radio all of the Crimea! Information-musical radio station of Simferopol. Issues with the latest news, interviews with interesting people, chat with the audience, interesting music.
Radio Metal (Бездрик) Plays: 65
Online Radio Metal's mission is to fight against the domination of "pop" on radio and television. There is no "sweet" voices and sickening sounds on Radio Metal only heavy music!
Просто Ради.О - 105,3 FM (Киев) Plays: 56
Just Radi.O - Kiev entertaining commercial radio station.  In live sound newest and popular hits of foreign and domestic performers.
Люкс ФМ - 103.1 FM (Киев) Plays: 50
Lux FM (Lux FM) - popular Ukrainian radio. Radio format: contemporary popular songs and classic hits.
Best FM - 102.8 FM (Мариуполь) Plays: 38
Best FM (Best FM) - is the most advanced and hit music in various genres, from popular artists. Best FM also broadcasts in Donetsk on the frequency 105.5 FM, in Kirovograd on 104.2 FM and in Kharkiv on the frequency 104.0 FM.
Радио Премьер (Днепропетровск) Plays: 33
Prime Radio plays music styles such as: Chill-out, New Age, Light Pop. This soft background music that will relax you and send thoughts in a positive direction!
DJFM - 96,8 FM (Киев) Plays: 29
DJFM - Kiev dance radio station, has gained huge popularity in a short time is phenomenal. Music format DJFM (96.8) Pop Dance Music. Extremely positive energy, constant "drive", easily recognizable melodies and rhythms, only hits. Station occupied a unique niche in the Ukrainian radio market - light dance music. In hot rotation fall leaders of the world dance charts. Stylistic graduation musical scale based on the most relevant areas of modern electronic music. (House, trance, pop dance, etc.).
Радио Проминь - 105.0FM (Киев) Plays: 28
Unlike many radio stations on the radio "Promin" (Prominj) has it all - from the underground to politics, speech-based programs to the music. Frequencies in Kiev and Kiev region: 71.3 MHz, from 6.00 to 10.00 - 105.0 MHz. The radio station also broadcasts in cities: Kirovograd, Lviv, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv and other cities.
Радио Киев - 98 FM (Киев) Plays: 17
Radio Kiev - is so well-known songs of the Russian and Ukrainian pop music of yesteryear. Every half hour, you can hear the news of the city of Kiev.
Бизнес Радио - 93,8 (Киев) Plays: 14
Kiev musical information radio station. Broadcasting - Kiev (93.8 MHz) and Kharkiv (106.6 MHz). The first station of the country on business. Format - close to the AC. Musical selection - pop and rock music, exclusively Western artists. Information programs - news releases, interviews with representatives of the business elite and prominent politicians, the author's projects.
Радио Трек - 106.4FM (Ровно) Plays: 14
Track Radio - the only radio station in Rivne (Rivne). Music format - the best hits of the past years and for adults. Hourly newscasts, broadcast their own, competitive programs.
TriangleFM (Киев) Plays: 14
The radio broadcasts music in the style of Indie-rock, music for hipsters (Worldwide online radio Indie & Hipster style). Styles of music: indie, jazz, trip-hop, pop.
Львовская волна - 100.8FM (Львов) Plays: 13
Radio wave Lvov (Lviv Hvilya) broadcasting in Ukraine on the frequency 100,8 FM in Lviv. Format radio - AC (Adult Contemporary) & CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio). Aired on 80% of the music, the rest - other information and advertising.
Просто Ради.О - 105,3 FM (Одесса) Plays: 11
Just Radi.O - Odessa entertaining commercial radio station.  In live sound newest and popular hits of foreign and domestic performers.
Наше радио - 107,9 FM (Киев) Plays: 11
Our radio - All bude in nashomu! In live music only in Ukrainian and Russian, with a significant predominance of songs by Ukrainian performers.
Радио Шансон - 101.9FM (Киев) Plays: 11
"Good music - just for you" - a slogan we hear every day on radio "Chanson", which is now in its tenth year in a row gives its listeners the best music.
Радио Динамо - 106.0FM (Киев) Plays: 8
Broadcast of "Dynamo" football guests, analytics, reviews and news. All this, together with good music. Every day you may be aware of the key themes and events of football, chat with your favorite players and get tested Dynamo information.
Радио Ренесанс - 94,2 FM (Киев) Plays: 7
Renaissance - Music Dear dear life On Air - all styles of jazz composition and direction okolodzhazovye (blues, fusion, jazz-rock, ragtime, soul, lounge, electronic music), author programs, newscasts.
FM Галичина - 89,7 FM (Львов) Plays: 7
FM Galicia - Fine radіo! Lviv Network music and entertainment radio station. Air dominated Ukrainian folk music ethno-ska direction.
Радио Шарманка - 104,0 FM (Киев) Plays: 7
Sharmanka - Ukrainian musical radio station. Air is basically a modern Russian-language pop music.
ROCK FM (Киев) Plays: 6
ROCK FM - independent internet radio station, which broadcasts around the clock rock music. Radio format - information-musical.
Yalta FM (Ялта) Plays: 6
Yalta FM - Information and entertainment on-line radio Yalta. The main content of the musical ether - rock music.
Yoga Radio Plays: 5
Air Yoga Radio (Radio Yoga) are songs performers style NewAge, Chillout, Vedic hymns in modern processing, mantra. Such music for yoga calms the mind and helps to relax, do yoga, meditate, meditate.
Gala Radio - 100,0 FM (Киев) Plays: 4
Kiev Network music and entertainment radio station. 12 broadcasting cities. At the Gala Radio (Gala Radio) sounds contemporary music trends Pop, R & B, Pop-Rock. In the playlist composition dominated Western and Ukrainian artists. Cities broadcasting: Kiev 100 FM Vinnitsa - 103.2 FM Dnepropetrovsk 106.4 FM Donetsk 107.2 FM Zaporozhye 100.3 FM Krivoy Rog 100.2 FM Lugansk 106.5 FM Lviv 101.3 FM Odessa 91 FM Simferopol 107.8 FM Uzhgorod 102.4 FM Kharkiv 107.4 FM
Авторадио Украина - 107,4 FM (Киев) Plays: 4
Air sounds popular music over the years. This song 90s and contemporary hits. 40% - Russian-language music, 60% - foreign. Also broadcast many programs on the automotive theme. Autoradio - putting the hits!
Trance Century Radio (Киев) Plays: 4
Trance Century Radio - First Radio Station trance Ukraine. Top DJ and Artists of Ukraine and World in an exclusive radio show, as well as new items and Hot eksljuzivnye tracks and remixes, style Trance, Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance and Vocal Trance.
Радио Алла - 99.4FM (Киев) Plays: 3
"Radio Alla" - a unique compilation of songs Diva era Soviet and Russian pop and the best examples of modern Russian music, and in the near future more and exclusive programs from Alla Pugacheva. Aired radio laced romantic mood and love reigns here beauty and grace.
Славянское радио (Киев) Plays: 2
The main feature of the project is constantly working linkup Moscow-Kiev, as well as in the long term: Moscow-Kiev-Minsk.