Radios / Austria

OE3 Hitradio - 99.9 FM (Вена) Plays: 167
OE3 Hitradio - this modern hits diluted golden hits of yesteryear. Also in the air a lot of music in German.
Radio Stephansdom - 107.3 FM (Вена) Plays: 144
Radio Stephansdom - private radio stations classical music. Classical music from all eras, carefully compiled and submitted to the competent department of music with an excellent reputation.
Orange - 94.0 FM (Вена) Plays: 30
ORANGE 94,0 is the first and only free radio Veny.Zdes can hear the most unexpected and different music.
Radio Maria - 104.7 FM (Вена) Plays: 14
Private Catholic radio with live youth events, family celebrations and theological conferences, pilgrimages, retreats and other church events.
Soundportal - 97,9 FM (Граз) Plays: 12
Soundportal radio broadcasts from the city of Graz (Graz), Australia. Zdesb can hear alternative music and popular world music.