Radios / Armenia

Radio Yerevan (Ar Radio) - 102,0 FM (Ереван) Plays: 559
Local Armenian music and classic hits. Regions broadcasting: Yerevan - 102 Mhz, Charentsavan - 104.4 Mhz, Sevan, Dilijan, Ijevan - 103.2 Mhz, Vanadzor, Spitak - 107.2 Mhz, Talin region - 105.2 Mhz, Gyumri, Shirak Valley - 103.6 Mhz, Vedi - 104.6 Mhz, Zovashen - 106.8 Mhz, Vayq - 103.9 Mhz
Radio Jazz (Ереван) Plays: 67
The main emphasis on "Radio Jazz" - Jazz. Also presented on the air close by genre directions: jazz-rock, fusion, smooth, easy listening, soul-jazz, blues, funky, acid, trip-hop, jungle, and other, and of course, jazz works by Armenian composers and performers.
RadioHAY - Rabiz (Ереван) Plays: 40
Rabiz, Rabis (Armenian Ռաբիզ, Ռաբիս) - direction of the Armenian song, suggesting an appropriate lifestyle. Comes from the name of the Soviet organization "Working Art", which included performers of folk melodies. In the 1970s and 80s. the word began to realize rabiz feast, funeral and bawdy songs performed by amateur and semi-professional musicians. In 1990 rabiz became perhaps the most popular genre of music in Armenia, and to formulate appropriate behavior style, strongly criticized the Armenian intelligentsia. In the boundaries of style rabiz comes with a jargon-specific (sometimes - thieves) concepts, bright 'mafia' clothing, emotional (benign) behavior.
Hairenik Radio Plays: 39
Van FM 103,0 FM (Ереван) Plays: 35
"Radio Van" - a musical radio for the soul, mind and heart. Music format ether corresponds emotionally cultural characteristics of our audience.
Nareg FM Plays: 32
Radio Armenia Plays: 31
The first Armenian radio in Russia - Radio of Armenia You can uslysht as hits, time-tested and new Armenian songs.
Radio Aurora - 100.7 FM (Ереван) Plays: 23
Radio Aurora - is the most popular international hits of today. Radio broadcasts music in genres: Pop, Dance, R'n'B. In Yerevan, the radio can be heard on FM frequency 100,7 FM.
Radio Toot Plays: 22
Radio Here is a new, fresh and young Armenian online radio, which is broadcast from the United Kingdom. With us, you will hear the latest Armenian songs from the most popular artists, as well as international hits.
Radio Bashde Plays: 17
AYP FM - 99.5FM (Париж) Plays: 7
AYP is a French-Armenian radio. Broadcast daily from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm, at 99,5 FM broadcasts as well as the clock on the Internet. AYP FM focuses on three main areas: information, cultural promotion and create a space for exchange and reflection.
Radio Yeraz Plays: 5
Radio Yan Plays: 4
Radio Armenie (Париж) Plays: 2
Armenian radio station, which broadcasts from France (Paris). Armenian folk songs and contemporary Armenian music.
Radio Fama Plays: 2