Radios / Local

Radio Yerevan (Ar Radio) - 102,0 FM (Ереван) Plays: 559
Local Armenian music and classic hits. Regions broadcasting: Yerevan - 102 Mhz, Charentsavan - 104.4 Mhz, Sevan, Dilijan, Ijevan - 103.2 Mhz, Vanadzor, Spitak - 107.2 Mhz, Talin region - 105.2 Mhz, Gyumri, Shirak Valley - 103.6 Mhz, Vedi - 104.6 Mhz, Zovashen - 106.8 Mhz, Vayq - 103.9 Mhz
Latte Miele - 92,20 FM (Милан) Plays: 100
Latte Miele offers the best musical repertoire ranging from the 70s to the present day. Music mostly Italian.
Roxy FM - 103,7 FM (Варшава) Plays: 42
Roxy FM - radio station dedicated to the author of the Polish rock and alternative music. Frequencies: Warszawa 103.7FM, Kraków 103.8FM, Wrocław 106.1FM, Śląsk i Zagłębie 94.5FM, Poznań 105.4FM, Opole 106.6FM, Bydgoszcz 103.5FM.
RadioHAY - Rabiz (Ереван) Plays: 40
Rabiz, Rabis (Armenian Ռաբիզ, Ռաբիս) - direction of the Armenian song, suggesting an appropriate lifestyle. Comes from the name of the Soviet organization "Working Art", which included performers of folk melodies. In the 1970s and 80s. the word began to realize rabiz feast, funeral and bawdy songs performed by amateur and semi-professional musicians. In 1990 rabiz became perhaps the most popular genre of music in Armenia, and to formulate appropriate behavior style, strongly criticized the Armenian intelligentsia. In the boundaries of style rabiz comes with a jargon-specific (sometimes - thieves) concepts, bright 'mafia' clothing, emotional (benign) behavior.
Hairenik Radio Plays: 39
Mugam Radio Plays: 33
Nareg FM Plays: 32