Radios / Chanson

Шансон - 103,0 FM (Москва) Plays: 288
On Air Radio Chanson can hear new and already familiar to all hits in the style of Chanson. Popular Artists: Gregory Leps, Stas Mikhailov, Sergei Trofimov, Alexander Novikov and others.
Дорожное радио - 96,0 FM (Москва) Plays: 248
Air Traffic radio is dominated by Russian artists songs with a ratio of 80/20% (Russian / foreign). The main styles of music: chanson, urban romance, hits of the 80's, 90's and 00's.
Радио 31 (Мир Белогорья) - 100.9FM (Белгород) Plays: 36
Radio 31 (World Belogoriya) - the only radio network in the Belgorod region with its own clock broadcasting. Rich musical collection in conjunction with the information component, created on the basis of the information agency TRC "Belogoriya World" is the basis of ether.
Радио Шансон - 101.9FM (Киев) Plays: 11
"Good music - just for you" - a slogan we hear every day on radio "Chanson", which is now in its tenth year in a row gives its listeners the best music.
Дорожное радио - 91,0 FM (Златоуст) Plays: 4
All good things that exist on the Road radio based on a simple philosophy: "Traffic Radio - this is not an entertainment station. Road Radio - it SOUL station. " Road Radio - is a true companion on the road of life - in the path of life. Compositions falling aired "Traffic Radio" - it hits the mid-80s and 90s, modern popular music, songs from favorite Soviet films, classic urban romance, author, and backyard drinking song, Italian pop music, disco, soft rock . In addition to your favorite tunes on the air sound is also necessary and useful materials: news, traffic information, weather forecasts, etc.