Radios / Belarus

Русское радио - 98,9 FM (Минск) Plays: 1477
"Russian Radio" - the first music station in Belarus, embodies the principle of broadcasting and new uses in its broadcast music only in Russian! Air sounds best domestic music of past and present days, the latest hits, the most interesting and rating programs, the most effective advertising!
Аплюс Rock Plays: 492
Aplus Rock On Rock Radio Aplus you hear EVERYTHING! From Progressive rock to growl - metal, rock 'n' roll to emo rock, plus the hottest, current hits and new items. On the radio "Aplus Rock" you will find not only your favorite music, but also programs devoted to rock subculture, new releases and much more. Also on Radio Aplus Rock and online follow playbill events and the latest news rock lives in Minsk, Belarus and all over the world. Listen to the radio and all Aplus will Rock!
Аплюс Beat Plays: 258
Radio Aplus Beat - a stream of non-standard club music from the first Internet radio station Radio Aplus Republic of Belarus. Seventh stream began its work on May 6. Opening flow occurred in the club Fabrique. Fabrique club is famous for the fact that just the same, and specializes in that party holds in styles Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Dubstep
Аплюс Хип-Хоп Plays: 237
Aplus Hip-hop. The concept of radio contains a lot of different directions hip-hop culture. It is safe to say that everyone will find what he likes, whether it is a club r'n'b, rap or hard smooth lyrics. Of course, one non-stop'om we do not limit yourself. Already recorded a variety of programs are live broadcasts and accept guests. We hope that the opening of the first hip-hop radio in Belarus will serve not only to meet the audiences, but also to stimulate the development of rap in Belarus. Aplus Hip-Hop. With rhyme to life!
Аплюс Retro Plays: 222
Radio @ Plus - the country's only internet station that works with domestic and foreign musicians, regardless of their career success in other FM rotations. Aplus Retro - Best albums hits on the same wavelength!
Радио Витебск - 91,2 FM (Витебск) Plays: 155
Radio Vitebsk - the first in Belarus regional radio station, began broadcasting on the FM band. Vitebsk radio - radio in our city.
Аплюс Первый Plays: 101
Aplus (Aychyna Plus) radio first stream most positive and the most popular thread. Has a tendency to dance music. Daily update rotation. Indescribable atmosphere of ether. Direct interventions with hot dance floors and lightning transfer sensations. Uplifting, addictive!
Радио Мир - 107,1 FM (Минск) Plays: 67
Radio "Mir" - a musical-information radio station, we broadcast format AC (AdultContemporaryMusic), selecting only quality music. Brest 106.6 FM Vitebsk 101.8 FM Minsk 107.1 FM Grodno 104.2 FM Mogilev 107.8 FM Bobruisk 103.6 FM Baranovichi 98.4 FM Soligorsk 104.3 FM Pinsk 103.2 FM
Аплюс По-русски Plays: 48
Aplus in Russian. Generally, the idea is worth it. No, it is not banal pop. There will not play "performers", which, in principle, we really respect, but ... We just do not want to listen to them. And we will not. In this stream the entire drive and creativity of the first stream radio Aplus, but now everything is clear! We added to this stream more love, more depth, and the feelings going through each one of us, at least once in life. This flood of new generation of popular music, exactly as we see it. Aplus "in Russian" - the flow which plays an interesting, beautiful and the new music for the soul and in plain language! For people who have a soul, and who understand the value of it. For people who are interested in listening to music which are not only important words in the song, but the meaning of these words. Add to this modern rhythms, trendy arrangements, the actual sound, beautiful vocals, a huge variety of styles, positive atmosphere and wade tingling ballads. And all this - in plain, Russian! This thread will be broadcast live side concerts of popular artists and Russian parties of the country. November 27 (timed to coincide with the fifth anniversary of radio Aplus), date of opening of the new, fifth flux - Aplus "In Russian"! Aplus in Russian - listen to what you know!
Минская волна - 97,4 FM (Минск) Plays: 37
Listen to contemporary hits and Russian music! Regions broadcasting: Minsk (Kolodishchi) - 97.4 FM (2 kW); Soligorsk (n. Dubei) - 105.3 FM (2 kW); Myadel (n. Telyak) - 102.4 FM (1 kW); Maladziechna - 107.4 FM (2 kW); Borisov - 104.2 FM (0,5 kW); Kapyl - 104.8 FM (4 kW); Berezina - 105.5 FM (1 kW); Old Roads - 105.6 FM (1 kW); Grits - 102.6 FM (0,5 kW).
NETradio - Club Plays: 33
Новое Радио - 98,4 FM (Минск) Plays: 16
"New Radio" broadcasts 24 hours a day in Minsk - 98,4 FM, Brest - 92,8 FM, Gomel - 106,7 FM, Mogilev - 95,7 FM, Grodno - 92,9 FM, Vitebsk - 98.7 FM. New Radio today - a modern progressive radio station format CHR - Contemporary Hit Radio (Contemporary Hit Radio). The basis consists of modern musical format hottest hits and hits of the last decade. Simply put, we're playing the best contemporary music in the current style.
Радио Минск - 92,4 FM (Минск) Plays: 14
Today, "Radio-Minsk" provides uninterrupted clock broadcast on frequencies: 92.4FM - Minsk; 98.1 FM - Mogilev; 106.4 FM - Vitebsk; 100.4 FM - Brest; 105.6 FM - Gomel. Music Format "Radio Minsk" Mixed format AC (Adult Contemporary), Soft AC, Hot AC, including best foreign and domestic composition from retro to modern hits.
Альфа Радио - 107,9 FM (Минск) Plays: 11
Alpha Radio - one of the leading commercial radio stations Belorus. This is music that like an adult: the songs that were on the first world music charts of the past and modern, responsible adult musical taste and stylistically educated person is not contrary to the classic hits. Broadcasts: in Minsk and region - 107, 9 FM; Brest - 100,8 FM; Vitebsk - 107,6 FM; Grodno - 98,4 FM;
Аплюс Relax Plays: 5
Aplus Relax (Aplus Relax) - soft, quiet, warm and pure emotions fill your heart, help you relax, dream, let get away from the hustle and plunge into the world of relax. Thanks to carefully selected format New Age, Soft Pop, Ambient, Smooth Jazz, Lounge, Chillout you forget about depression, fresh thoughts and ideas will appear easily, bringing a sense of peace and fulfilling life. Each track is an exquisite and harmonious state of mind in which you plunge into the peerless romantic mood, anxiety soar over the big city, forget about the unrest and find a way out of any difficulty.
NETradio - HOT Plays: 5