Radios / Cultural

Литературное радио Plays: 28
Literary radio - the first radio project, the focus of which is a modern Russian literature. The aim is to promote radio Literary and informational support of modern Russian-language poetry and prose. The project is a non-profit association and is aimed at all writers of different aesthetic and ideological orientation within the same cultural space.
Град Петров - 73,1 FM (Санкт-Петербург) Plays: 24
Radio "Grad Petrov" was created with the blessing of Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga Vladimir in 2000. Radio "Peter's City" has a church and a cultural and educational events, talks about today's life of the Church. Daily broadcasts go literary, historical, musical programs, programs for children and youth.
Старое радио Plays: 20
Old radio - Russian national audiofond. Live you can listen to radio shows, musical and literary composition, theater at the microphone, the old radio dramas, operettas, fairy tales, fables, literary readings, poems, and more than two and a half thousands of old music.
Культура - 91.6 FM (Москва) Plays: 13
Culture Radio began broadcasting November 1, 2004 in Moscow on frequency 91,6 FM. In newscasts priority is given to culture news, exhibitions, new books, publishing market, as well as all the events related to the cultural life of society and cultural process that takes place not only in our country but also in the world.
Детское радио Plays: 12
Children's Radio - a station audiofonda "Old Radio". You will listen to the famous fairy tales and other children's programs.
Deutschlandfunk - 97,7 FM (Берлин) Plays: 6
Deutschlandfunk - analyzes what is happening around and provides accurate information to those who need it. This news radio breaks classical or jazz music.