Radios / Classic

Vivaldi Radio Plays: 379
Radio Stephansdom - 107.3 FM (Вена) Plays: 144
Radio Stephansdom - private radio stations classical music. Classical music from all eras, carefully compiled and submitted to the competent department of music with an excellent reputation.
Серебрянный дождь 100,1 FM Plays: 30
Musical repertoire of Silver Rain is very diverse. Only here you can hear: rare songs that were carefully selected worldwide; unknown hits of famous artists; cover versions of the biggest hits of the twentieth and twenty-first century; songs that are not in rotation on other radio stations ... and most importantly, a lot of new, good quality music, which would be desirable and pleasant to listen to!
Культура - 91.6 FM (Москва) Plays: 13
Culture Radio began broadcasting November 1, 2004 in Moscow on frequency 91,6 FM. In newscasts priority is given to culture news, exhibitions, new books, publishing market, as well as all the events related to the cultural life of society and cultural process that takes place not only in our country but also in the world.
Радио России - 66.44 FM (Москва) Plays: 13
Radio Russia - has the most powerful distribution network in the country radio - 1100 transmitters! In addition to "first button" wire broadcasting, program "Radio Russia" sound in all regions of long, medium, ultra-short waves
Radio Filarmonia - 102.7 FM (Лима) Plays: 11
Thanks to the initiative of a group of people interested in the development and dissemination of the culture of classical music, at the end of 1983 Cultural Association was founded Radio Philharmonic, a nonprofit organization whose main aim was to establish a cultural property in Peru.
1.FM - Otto's Baroque Plays: 9
Only the music of the Baroque (1600-1750gg.) Of the greatest composers. Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, Telemann and others
Орфей - 99.2 FM (Москва) Plays: 8
Radio station "Orpheus" - the state of classical music channel. The basis of radio station "Orpheus" is classical music: from academic genres to avant-garde. The program includes works by composers from different countries, eras and styles. Contemporary musical life is represented on the waves "Orpheus" translations of Russian and world concert halls, meeting with prominent musicians and cultural figures, discussing pressing issues of academic art, interactive programs with students, prize drawings, news releases, as well as news reports and interviews.
Radio Praha 92.6 FM (Прага) Plays: 5
Radio Prague - Czech cultural-news radio station. Here you can learn the latest news of the economy, and politics. On the radio, you can hear classical music, as well as conversations both in Czech and in Russian.
Radio Svizzera Classica (Берн) Plays: 5
Radio Svizzera Classica is a Swiss classical music station. We play the most beautiful and popular Artwork world classical music round the clock. Leading broadcast only appear to sooobschit name sludeyuschey composition.
RMF Classic - 98,3 FM (Варшава) Plays: 5
RMF Classic is: Music, movies and musical performances. Meetings with artists of cinema, theater, music and literature. Concerts, festivals, theater and cinema premiere. News from the world of art and culture.
WKCR - 89.9 FM (New York) Plays: 3
WKCR-FM - radio nekommerchaskaya Columbia University of New York (Columbia University's). This student radio station devoted to traditional classical music. Classical, piano, Latin Jazz, all this in the wake of WKCR-FM. Have a nice listening!
1.FM - Otto's Classical Plays: 2
Here is a mostly classical era 1750-1820 years. Classical music performed by the best orchestras and conductors.
ABC Piano Plays: 1
Beethoven Radio Plays: 1
Radio is dedicated to the works of Ludwig van Beethoven. Enjoy the pleasant classical music of the great pianist and composer.
Шторм ФМ - Классический Plays: 1
Pop / Classic. Refined, but still popular broadcast format: subtle rhythmic and melodic hits somehow connected with the classics in modern processing, based on the motives of classical music around the world.
ABC Classic FM - 105.9 FM (Melbourne) Plays: 0
Classical music can transform everyday moments into something magical. Whatever you do, wherever you are, ABC Classic FM will provide the perfect backdrop for your work and leisure.
ABC Radio National - 576 AM (Sydney) Plays: 0
ABC Radio National - radio where people can learn the latest news in science, literature, publishing, religion, social history, art and current affairs. The aim is to educate national radio intellectual and cultural life of the country.
RTS La Première - 91,0 FM (Лозанна) Plays: 0
Musical-cultural radio conversation. Listen to classical music by famous composers and performers.