Radios / Switzerland

1.FM - Destination SPA Plays: 416
Soft and quiet melodies that are perfect for relaxation and meditation, and calming the mind and body, spirit and emotions.
1.FM - Chillout Lounge Plays: 78
Chillout Lounge bring you only the thin, refined and relaxing atmosphere. Guaranteed to soothe you and make you forget about all your worries.
Energy 80s Plays: 11
80 in all its glory on Energy 80s. Greatest Hits of Michael Jackson, Prince, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Phil Collins, Cindi Lauper or Depeche Mode immerse you in the glorious 80s!
1.FM - Otto's Baroque Plays: 9
Only the music of the Baroque (1600-1750gg.) Of the greatest composers. Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, Telemann and others
Radio Svizzera Classica (Берн) Plays: 5
Radio Svizzera Classica is a Swiss classical music station. We play the most beautiful and popular Artwork world classical music round the clock. Leading broadcast only appear to sooobschit name sludeyuschey composition.
Radio RTN - 98,2 (Невшатель) Plays: 4
Radio broadcasts in many regions of Switzerland. In Neuchatel frequency 98,2 FM. Music variety, from rock and roll to modern pop music.
1.FM - Alternative Rock Plays: 3
Rock and roll will never die! Coldplay and Evanescence, Paparoach and Hoobastank, Franz Ferdinand and the Foo Fighters - they're all here, all modern rock heroes, play non-stop 24/7.
1.FM - Afterbeat Electronica Plays: 3
The playlist is extensive, spanning from electro-funk and Italo-stylized club tracks and radio classics to down-tempo electronic nuggets and after-hours, mellow, late-night synthesized lullabies and Balearic beat.
NRJ Zürich - 100,9 FM (Цюрих) Plays: 2
NRJ (Energy) Zürich - Zurich dance radio station. Broadcasts on the frequency 100,9 FM. Radio format: modern pop, dance music, show business news.
1.FM - Otto's Classical Plays: 2
Here is a mostly classical era 1750-1820 years. Classical music performed by the best orchestras and conductors.
Radio Freiburg - 90,2 FM (Фрайбург) Plays: 1
Radio FR (Freiburg) - is a regional radio, which offers a diverse mix of music, local information, sports and various entertainment. Radio broadcasts on the frequency 90.2 FM in Freiburg, Switzerland.
1.FM - TOP 40 Plays: 1
IP Music Plays: 0
Capital FM - 97,7 FM (Берн) Plays: 0
Capital FM broadcasts in Bern and its region. Diverse music hits from the 80s to the hits of today. Broadcasts of Berne, Switzerland.
Grrif - 101,2 FM (Невшатель) Plays: 0
Classic pop-rock composition. Swiss music radio station with the presence of leading. Broadcasts of Neuchatel, Switzerland
NRJ Bern - 101,7 FM (Берн) Plays: 0
NRJ Bern (Energy Bern) - dance radio station of Bern. Music in the genres of pop, dance Broadcasts on the frequency 101,7 FM in Berne, Switzerland (Switzerland, Bern)
Radio 32 - 88,9 FM (Золотурн) Plays: 0
Music in the style of pop-rock. Maroon 5, Lovebugs, Avril Lavigne, Katie Melua and other artists. Radio 32 - musical radio station of the city of Solothurn, Switzerland.
Radio Beo - 88,8 FM (Берн) Plays: 0
Conversational musical radio station in Switzerland. You can hear all kinds of music, but modern pop music is not meet.
Radio Kaiseregg - 106,5 FM (Таферс) Plays: 0
Radio Kaiseregg broadcasts for its residents and for everyone else. Radio offers a variety of musical programs.
RaBe 95,6 FM (Берн) Plays: 0
Radio RaBe 95,6 FM - cultural radio Bern. The main genre of music - classic rock. Broadcasts in: Berne, Switzerland
RTS La Première - 91,0 FM (Лозанна) Plays: 0
Musical-cultural radio conversation. Listen to classical music by famous composers and performers.