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Record Breaks Plays: 232
Breaks Record (Record Breaks) - this subchannel popular radio Record (106.3 FM in St. Petersburg). The present Breaks, Breakbeat and Bigby music.
Big Beat Radio Plays: 49
Iternet radio broadcast you can hear the thematic programs, live DJ sets s, e-culture news, interviews with Russian and foreign electronics engineers and more. The main thrust of radio electronic music is built on the "polygonal" or "syncopated" rhythms vnezavisimosti the style. This can be anything from IDM, Ambient, Trip-Hop, Electro to Acid Jazz, Break Beat, drum n bass, Techno-Drum.
DI.FM - Breaks Plays: 17
Revolution Radio (Санкт-Петербург) Plays: 1
Revolution Radio - an open project on the Internet dedicated to electronic music, its creators, and everything connected with it.