Radios / Russia

Chillout Station Plays: 1718
Radio Chillout station (Chillounge Station) - is the largest and fastest growing, at this point, a non-profit internet station familiarization Russia engaged the public with musical styles: ambient, chill out, lounge, lo-fi, etc. We do not twist the advertising content selection spend 6 years and we do our best to help you enjoy the best recognized compositions collected from musical collections, whose name is known to every fan of these styles from around the world.
Record Chillout Plays: 582
Radio Record Chillout - quiet, beautiful, melodic and soothing music in the style of Chill-out help to really relax after a hard day's work.
Heart FM - 105.9FM (Барнаул) Plays: 551
Local radio Barnaul. Musical content - classic hits of the last years of Russian and foreign performers.
Rock FM 95,2 FM (Москва) Plays: 400
ROCK FM (ROCK FM) - Moscow radio station, which broadcasts around the clock rock music. Format radio - musical information. Basis of musical ether constitute the best examples of western rock 70-80s, as well as representatives of modern rock culture.
Relax FM - 90,8 FM (Москва) Plays: 382
Relax FM - the first radio station, offer students not just special music, but a whole new emotional: no worry and anxiety, only light, relaxed, calm music.
Дорожное радио - 87.5 FM (Санкт-Петербург) Plays: 303
Air Traffic radio is dominated by Russian artists songs with a ratio of 80/20% (Russian / foreign). The main styles of music: chanson, urban romance, hits of the 80's, 90's and 00's.
Шансон - 103,0 FM (Москва) Plays: 288
On Air Radio Chanson can hear new and already familiar to all hits in the style of Chanson. Popular Artists: Gregory Leps, Stas Mikhailov, Sergei Trofimov, Alexander Novikov and others.
Дорожное радио Белгород 106.8FM (Белгород) Plays: 285
Twenty-four hours a day, we accompany the listener fun and soulful songs, so that he did not lose a good mood. A news programs we strive to talk about important and useful things to make travel more comfortable and informative.
Rise-FM - 92.2FM (Шлиссельбург, Ленинградская область) Plays: 269
Fulltime ether "Rise-FM 92.2" broadcast sets up both domestic and foreign producers and trance-dance music. They also host their own esters station with live mixing trance-music and guest sets young, but not yet promoted diskzhokeev such as @ n! T @, T-Killa ...
Юмор FM - 88,7 FM Plays: 262
Humor FM - the first and only radio station in Russia humorous! Humor FM - Music and entertainment radio station, giving the joy of life and high spirits. Humor FM format represented by a unique, unparalleled: no music, but mostly "Talk" radio, which is difficult to perceive as a backdrop. Value for programs and music - 50/50. On Humor FM sounds easy, popular Russian-language music. Humor FM - is a 24-hour source of positivity! Humor FM Belgorod frequency can be heard on 103.4FM.
Русское Радио - 105,7 FM (Москва) Plays: 247
"Russian Radio" - the first national radio station of Russia, embodied the principle of broadcasting and new uses in its broadcast music only in Russian! "Russian Radio" - is the best domestic music of past and present days, the latest hits, the most interesting and rated the program! In Moscow broadcasting "Russian Radio" began on 2 August 1995. Russian radio - All is well!
Record Гоп FM Plays: 242
GOP FM - April Fools is a special project of the first Russian dance radio station - Radio Record. The project existed only 1 night, but in the meantime acquired a bunch of fans, introduced in the country and confusion blew Internet. April 1 at 00:00 Studio Record attacked Gopnik, a Kolyan then closed the record and opening instead in all cities broadcasting GOP FM.
Record Breaks Plays: 232
Breaks Record (Record Breaks) - this subchannel popular radio Record (106.3 FM in St. Petersburg). The present Breaks, Breakbeat and Bigby music.
Megapolis FM - 89,5 FM (Москва) Plays: 214
Megapolis FM - youth radio station. On Megapolis FM plays mostly calm Lounge music. Rarer to hear Trance and House music. One life, one love, ONE RADIOSTATION MEGAPOLIS FM - The best dancing radio station
Кекс FM - 89,9 FM (Москва) Plays: 168
Music Cupcake - this cheerful mix of the biggest hits of the 90's. No Soviet lyrics! Cupcake FM puts music, for which went to the tents at ENEA: 2 Unlimited and "Virus», Dr.Alban and E-Type, Ace of Base and "Arrows" and even Pep-Si, Linda, Captain Jack, Light, Spice Girls, «Demo" and much more. Exhibiting column!
Love-Music - 101.8 FM (Орел) Plays: 157
The radio station is aimed at fans of this high-quality English-language e-muzyki.Menshee being given popular Russian electronic music. Radio station closed. Now, at a frequency of 101.8 The town plays Radio 7.
Free Dance Radio Plays: 136
In our radio broadcast sound quality modern electronic music of various genres and styles to please your ears constantly. Main directions of our music broadcasting grid House, Techno, Trance, Chillout, Drum & Bass, correctly diluted seemingly opposite directions Hip-Hop, RnB, Alternative Rock tracks. The compilation gives unique format and broadcast radio as a whole.
Record Медляк Plays: 133
Slowpoke FM - an online subchannel known and popular youth radio Record, which broadcast sound beautiful and romantic love songs.
Max-FM (Москва) Plays: 130
Max-FM is a 24-hour non-stop dance music. Best new and popular TOP40 foreign hits in Europe and America.
Record Супердискотека 90-х Plays: 114
Record Superdiskoteka 90s - the most popular and best hits of the 90s: Hands Up, E-Type, Dr. Alban and many other Russian and foreign hits.
Ника FM - 103.1FM (Калуга) Plays: 102
Nike Air FM sound hits of past decades as well as modern trends. Fm radio you can listen to Nick on the following frequencies: Kaluga - 103.1 MHz  Obninsk - 104.5 MHz  Kirov - 102.3 MHz  Lyudinovo - 104.7 MHz  Yukhnov - 101.8 MHz  Sukhinichi - 103.8 MHz  Betlitsa - 69.77 MHz,  Medyn - 101.4 MHz  Iznoski - 105.4 MHz  Mosalsk - 100.0 MHz  Hvastovichi - 105.0 MHz  Ulyanovo - 105.2 MHz  Baryatino - 101.9 MHz  Novo-Alexander - 103.3 MHz
Record Dubstep Plays: 98
DriveFM (Иваново) Plays: 93
Infotainment Internet radio, 35% domestic and 65% foreign music. The station broadcasts in the format: Club Dance, House, POP, Dance Music, TOP-100
GTI Radio Plays: 80
GTI Radio (Global Trance Invasion) - radio is the most successful at the moment online radio in Russia and Ukraine, broadcasting style Trance, Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance, Tech Trance, Psy Trance. - We are always fresh tracks in the style of Trance. We - a radio with one the biggest essential nets more than 50 interesting radio shows a week. - We are more than 200 guest mixes sounded in the online broadcast for the entire 2 years of the history of radio, including on such mostadontov Trance as: Ronski Speed, Leon Bolier, Kyau & Albert, Daniel Portman, Daniel Wanrooy, Sied Van Riel, Tucandeo, The Blizzard , Stoneface & Terminal, Manuel Le Saux, Dj Anna Lee, BOBINA, Karanda, Duderstadt, Denis Shepered, Jonas Stenberg, Ferry Corsten
NRJ 90's Dance Plays: 77
Радио Ваня Plays: 62
Radio Vanya - Fun Radio for serious people. Here you can often hear Russian and foreign music 90s, as well as Russia's new hits! Vanya on fm radio waves: Pervoural'sk: 89.9 FM Polevskoi: 105.3 FM
Волхов FM - 105.7FM (Ленинградская область, Волховский район) Plays: 61
One of the few radio stations round the clock in the Leningrad region. Broadcasts on 105.7 and Volkhov Volkhov area and online.
ХИТ FM - 107,4 FM (Москва) Plays: 59
Radio Hit FM (Hit fm Moscow) began broadcasting May 30, 1997 at a frequency of 107.4 MHz. It only hits one hundred percent the past 15 years! Most promoted, recognized and loved by your songs! We love and put in our air as Russian and western music! We - the radio for you! Radio for independent people who are actively participating in our programs and events!
Нева FM - 95.9FM (Санкт-Петербург) Plays: 59
NEVA FM - Radio for educated discerning listeners. Look in the program about science, culture, lifestyle. Good music AC + wide variety of styles - from classical and jazz to contemporary hits.
Пиранья Ком Plays: 51
Piranha Radio Com (Piranya Com) - a good old rock and roll domestic and foreign origin, 24 hours a day.
Love Радио - 106.6 FM (Москва) Plays: 49
LOVE RADIO - it camaya fashionable, dynamic and positive music from the world's leading artists. LOVE RADIO - exclusive premiere of songs and albums of both Russian and Western artists - Britney Spears, DJ Smash, David Guetta, Beyonce, Dima Bilan, Lily Allen, Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga, etc. Love Radio - Radio Your Dreams!
Big Beat Radio Plays: 49
Iternet radio broadcast you can hear the thematic programs, live DJ sets s, e-culture news, interviews with Russian and foreign electronics engineers and more. The main thrust of radio electronic music is built on the "polygonal" or "syncopated" rhythms vnezavisimosti the style. This can be anything from IDM, Ambient, Trip-Hop, Electro to Acid Jazz, Break Beat, drum n bass, Techno-Drum.
ЮFM - 68,84 FM (Москва) Plays: 48
YUFM - Youth FM state radio station, part of the RTR. The radio station was founded in 1962 and currently broadcasts in more than 60 cities of Russia. Radio audience - young people aged 15-25 years. In the air, mainly popular Russian and foreign music, and entertainment.
Формат FM - 90.5 FM (Первоуральск) Plays: 48
FM radio format was first sounded on the air June 12, 2011 in p.Verhnie Sergi (106.8)! This is the first and only radio Nizhneserginskogo area! A September 1, 2011 and it sounded more Pervouralsk and Revda (90.5)! Broadcasting area extends to the West District (Upper Cergy Atig, Sergi, Pervouralsk Revda Degtyarsk). Radio "format FM" every 24 hours translates popular music, entertainment and news releases! On our radio waves in the morning and afternoon sound hits all generations! And in the evening and at night - disco for young people! We have music for everyone!
Rock Arsenal - 104,5 FM (Екатеринбург) Plays: 47
Rock-Arsenal - the only radio station in Yekaterinburg, which broadcasts exclusively to rock music. This classic rock 60-80s, flavored blues, rock and roll 50s, modern rock songs.
Радио Maximum - 103,7 FM (Москва) Plays: 46
Radio MAXIMUM (Max) - the first Russian-American radio station based companies Westwood One, Harris Corporation, StoryFirst Communications and the newspaper "Moscow News". In Moscow began broadcasting Radio MAXIMUM 25 December 1991 on the frequency 103,7 FM. In 1992, the radio station had a unique news service, "Studio 15", the head of which was leading and Alexander Abrahimov. MAXIMUM Radio news programs have become the standard of the "new Russian journalism." Winter 1993 MAXIMUM status will become "radio two capitals" - begins broadcasting in St. Petersburg at the frequency 102,8 FM.
Record Teodor Plays: 46
Радио Ваня Белгород - 91.4FM (Белгород) Plays: 43
In Belgrade on Radio Vanya often can hear the Russian musical humorous "pop" repertoire, many lesser-known artists. Also here you can hear popular music 70s ,80-x.