Radios / Slovakia

Radio Piestany - 90,2 FM (Пьештяны) Plays: 2
Here nothing but great songs of the past. It is rare to hear some modern hits. Only proven good music. Radio broadcasts from Piestany, Slovakia.
Radio Kosice - 91,7 FM (Братислава) Plays: 1
Here you can hear such contemporary artists as: Gotye, Pixie Lott, No Doubt, Cover Drive and others. Format: Music and talk radio. Genres of music: Pop, Pop-Rock.
Radio Lumen - 102,9 FM (Банска-Бистрица) Plays: 1
Slovak music-news radio station. 2/3 of airtime consists of high quality music from the 60s - 80s. This classical music, folk music, folklore, etc. The rest occupy religious news.
L-Rádio - 106,4 FM (Липтовский Микулаш) Plays: 0
At the boundary between low and Western Tatras, on the banks of the river Vah is a small Slovak town of Liptovsky Mikulas (Liptovský Mikuláš). However, the city is not so small - it has a population of 34 thousand inhabitants. Radio plays local folk music.
Radio Sity - 107,0 FM (Братислава) Plays: 0
Radio Sity - youth dance radio. Broadcasts on the frequency 107,0 FM in Bratislava, Slovakia.Dnem plays pop, dance music. Closer to the night - house music.
Radio WOW - 90,4 FM (Бановце-над-Бебравоу) Plays: 0
Popular radio in Slovakia, with current programs and hits of past years. Here you will hear and remember your favorite hits that once accurately slyshali.Radiostantsiya broadcasts of Banovce nad Bebravou, Slovakia.
Radio Patria - 1098 AM (Братислава) Plays: 0
Multi-language talk radio. You can also hear classical music. A Hungarian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Czech, German and Polish languages.