Radios / Classical

Радио 102 - 102.0FM (Темиртау) Plays: 151
On Radio 102, there are many contests and games, using modern means of communication. Winners receive gifts in the studio Radio 102 or at our office sponsor.
Ника FM - 103.1FM (Калуга) Plays: 102
Nike Air FM sound hits of past decades as well as modern trends. Fm radio you can listen to Nick on the following frequencies: Kaluga - 103.1 MHz  Obninsk - 104.5 MHz  Kirov - 102.3 MHz  Lyudinovo - 104.7 MHz  Yukhnov - 101.8 MHz  Sukhinichi - 103.8 MHz  Betlitsa - 69.77 MHz,  Medyn - 101.4 MHz  Iznoski - 105.4 MHz  Mosalsk - 100.0 MHz  Hvastovichi - 105.0 MHz  Ulyanovo - 105.2 MHz  Baryatino - 101.9 MHz  Novo-Alexander - 103.3 MHz
Super Radio - 101,1 FM (Киев) Plays: 98
Super Radio (Super Radio) - this is the most different songs, Ukrainian, Russian and foreign hits. Kiev 101.1fm, 91.7 Sevastopol, Dnipropetrovsk 101.5fm, Lviv 91.9fm, Donetsk 102.6fm, Nikolaev 105.1fm, Yalta 102.5fm, Kherson 104.4fm, Lutsk 90.6fm, Odessa 101.4fm, Lugansk 101.1fm, Kharkiv 103.0fm, 103.9fm Chernigov , Khmelnitsky 103.5fm, Chernivtsi 101.2fm, Zhitomir 91.1fm, 91.6fm Uzhgorod
Радио 7 - 105,2 FM (Кишинев) Plays: 98
Music commercial radio station, broadcasting around the clock in Chisinau on frequency 105,2 FM, Balti frequency 101,5 FM. On Air "Radio 7" sound hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s - those time-tested words which you probably know by heart. On 105,2 FM there are no borders and national priorities - there are perfectly combined ital-disco hits of the American, French and British pop ...
Транс-М-радио - 102,3 (Симферополь) Plays: 70
Trans-M radio - one on the radio all of the Crimea! Information-musical radio station of Simferopol. Issues with the latest news, interviews with interesting people, chat with the audience, interesting music.
Радио Мир - 107,1 FM (Минск) Plays: 67
Radio "Mir" - a musical-information radio station, we broadcast format AC (AdultContemporaryMusic), selecting only quality music. Brest 106.6 FM Vitebsk 101.8 FM Minsk 107.1 FM Grodno 104.2 FM Mogilev 107.8 FM Bobruisk 103.6 FM Baranovichi 98.4 FM Soligorsk 104.3 FM Pinsk 103.2 FM
Нева FM - 95.9FM (Санкт-Петербург) Plays: 59
NEVA FM - Radio for educated discerning listeners. Look in the program about science, culture, lifestyle. Good music AC + wide variety of styles - from classical and jazz to contemporary hits.
Люкс ФМ - 103.1 FM (Киев) Plays: 50
Lux FM (Lux FM) - popular Ukrainian radio. Radio format: contemporary popular songs and classic hits.
Aquarelle FM - 90,7 FM (Кишинев) Plays: 38
Each day gives you new emotions and feelings fills! Every day you headlong plunge into a raging torrent of Life! Charges that you optimistic and gives you strength? Good word? - YES! Smart idea? - YES! Favorite music? - YES! All this and more you will find in the wake 90.7FM! AQUARELLE 90.7FM radio tests each song to play live all the best - real hits of the 80's, 90's and completely new songs that you had come to love.
Радио Курс - 103.7FM (Курск) Plays: 30
Radio Course - this is the most stylish music, fun and positive-minded DJs capable fill ether good humor, interesting information and helpful tips.
Авто Радио - 103,2 FM (Рига) Plays: 29
On "Autoradio" the music that is loved by millions of people and listen to the music that unites generations. Air out popular programs involving superstars are exciting and dynamic game. Tuned to "Autoradio", you can get the most timely and reliable information about the situation on the roads, learn the most important news auto world. On "Autoradio" sounds only proven music: both domestic and foreign, the so-called gold-hits. In addition, none of the songs can not get on the air without passing special musical taste.
Балтик Плюс - 105,2FM (Калининград) Plays: 23
Baltic Plus - the only commercial radio station covering the entire territory of its broadcast area, as well as part of the territory of Lithuania and Poland.
Best FM - 100,5 FM (Москва) Plays: 20
Best FM (Best FM) - is the best foreign works of the past 25 years, dynamic and energy-rich music, a positive attitude and drive. Best FM - it hits, recognizable from the first notes and loved by all, the station has a unique concept and demanded audience. Best FM - the very music
Радио Альфа - 104,1 FM (Пермь) Plays: 18
ALPHA Radio 104,1 FM appeared in the Permian air December 10, 1999. Perm without ALPHA Radio today is difficult to imagine. This station, which lives and changing along with the city. This is news that is relevant to local residents; leading to say that close to listeners; programs and competitions to meet the interests of the audience and the requirements of the local market - all this makes ALPHA favorite Radio station of many citizens for 12 years.
Бизнес Радио - 93,8 (Киев) Plays: 14
Kiev musical information radio station. Broadcasting - Kiev (93.8 MHz) and Kharkiv (106.6 MHz). The first station of the country on business. Format - close to the AC. Musical selection - pop and rock music, exclusively Western artists. Information programs - news releases, interviews with representatives of the business elite and prominent politicians, the author's projects.
Радио Минск - 92,4 FM (Минск) Plays: 14
Today, "Radio-Minsk" provides uninterrupted clock broadcast on frequencies: 92.4FM - Minsk; 98.1 FM - Mogilev; 106.4 FM - Vitebsk; 100.4 FM - Brest; 105.6 FM - Gomel. Music Format "Radio Minsk" Mixed format AC (Adult Contemporary), Soft AC, Hot AC, including best foreign and domestic composition from retro to modern hits.
Radio Maria - 104.7 FM (Вена) Plays: 14
Private Catholic radio with live youth events, family celebrations and theological conferences, pilgrimages, retreats and other church events.
Наше радио - 107,9 FM (Киев) Plays: 11
Our radio - All bude in nashomu! In live music only in Ukrainian and Russian, with a significant predominance of songs by Ukrainian performers.
Music Радио - 101,5 FM (Киев) Plays: 9
Ukrainian citizens know MusicRadіo for over 18 years. During this time in the life of each of them much has changed. Together with them matured MusicRadіo. And today it is easy, melodic music created by gourmets from the world of pop music for real connoisseurs. MusicRadіo - an area of ​​calm in a stormy world today; relaxation, which you can afford at the workplace or driving a car. At 22:00 starts his musical sound mix in which selected compositions in the style of Downtempo, New Age and Chillout. From 01:00, aired program "Cocktail Lounge". Now, on the frequency 101,5 FM (Kiev) Radio broadcasts Relax Kiev.
Радио Кукуруза - 100,4FM (Армавир) Plays: 9
Corn - information-musical radio station. Frequencies: In the suburbs: 92.20 MHz - East of Moscow Region (Orekhovo-Pavlovsky Posad, Egorevsk, Voskresensk Shatura Likino-Dulevo) 70.55 MHz - South-East of Moscow Region (Kolomna, Kashira, Zaraysk, Luhovitsy, Necklace, lakes, ponds Silver, Stupino), North Ryazan and Tula regions (Fish, Venev Mikhailov). In the Krasnodar Territory: 100.4 MHz - Armavir, Gulkevichi Kropotkin, Kurganinsk, labinsk Nevinnomyssk 105.5 MHz - Anapa 100.9 MHz - the Black Sea coast (Tuapse, Novomikhailovsky Dzhugba) 107.6 MHz - Arkhipo-Osipovka   99.9 MHz - Taman Peninsula. In the Belgorod region: 104.5 MHz - Stary Oskol Gubkin. In the Republic of Dagestan: 106.2 MHz - Makhachkala. In the Republic of Mordovia 104.5 MHz - Saransk.
Восток России - 103.7 FM (Хабаровск) Plays: 7
Radio East Russia - is regular news bulletins Eastern Russia. Most important socio-economic news and events of regional significance. And the most popular classics.