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Untitled Project Of Maks_SF is a one-man band of belarusian guitarist, composer and producer Maks Simchenko. From album to album he discovers new ways to make his music so atmospheric and different from modern electronic music projects. Project started his way in the middle of 2011 when Maks left his band Death in Tension and begin create music alone. Every release from this person covers absolutely different music styles from Industrial Metal to Minimal Electronic, Ambient, Orchestral and New Retro Wave.

2012 - From Heaven To Hell
2013 - Untitled Album Pt.1
2014 - Demos 
2015 - Last One Standing

2012 - CR4ZY N1GHTS 
2012 - From Heaven To Hell 2.0 
2013 - Soundtrack to the novel "Dreamcatcher" by Stephen King 
2015 - Pathfinder


2013 - Dead Of The Dad
2013 - Louna 
2014 - ClipN2
2015 - Halloween Kick In The Teeth
2015 - L3T 1T SN0W
2015 - Cloud Thing

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Viko Dan 1 year ago

классика идастриала. ОТЛИЧНО!

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