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A highwayman was a criminal who robbed travelers on the road.

Highwayman, highwaymen, or highway men may also refer to:

Film and television

  • The Highwayman (TV series), an American action-adventure series
  • Highwaymen (film), a 2004 film starring Jim Caviezel
  • The Highwayman (1951 film), a film featuring Albert Sharpe
  • The Highwayman (2000 film), a film starring Laura Harris


  • "The Highwayman" (poem), a poem by Alfred Noyes
  • The Highwayman (novel), a novel by R. A. Salvatore
    • The Highwayman, a comic book adaptation of Salvatore's novel by Matthew Hansen
  • The Highway Men, a 2006 novella by Ken MacLeod
  • The Highwaymen (comics), a limited series comic book by Lee Garbett
  • "The Highwayman", a short story by Lord Dunsany later made into a short film



  • The Highwaymen (folk band), a 1960s collegiate folk band
  • The Highwaymen (country supergroup), a 1985–2002 country music supergroup


  • Highwayman (The Highwaymen album), 1985, including a cover of the Jimmy Webb song (see below)
  • Highwayman (Glen Campbell album), including a cover of the Jimmy Webb song


  • "Highwayman" (song), a song by Jimmy Webb
  • "Highwayman", a song by Brotherhood of Man from Images
  • "The Highwayman", a song by Loreena McKennitt from The Book of Secrets, based on the Noyes poem (see above)
  • "The Highwayman", a song by Phil Ochs from I Ain't Marching Anymore, based on the Noyes poem
  • "The Highwayman", a song by Stevie Nicks from Bella Donna
  • "The Highwayman", a song by The White Buffalo from The Highwayman Single

Other uses

  • The Highwaymen (artists), a group of 20th-century African-American landscape painters from Florida
  • Highwaymen Motorcycle Club, an American motorcycle club
  • B5470 road, in Cheshire, England; referred to as The Highwayman after a roadside pub
  • Highwayman, a vehicle in the video game Fallout 2
  • The Highwayman, an operetta by Reginald De Koven and Harry B. Smith
  • Highwayman's hitch, a type of quick-release knot
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