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Subheim is the personal music project of Greek-born, Berlin-based artist Kostas Katsikas. Drawing from his experience in various bands as well as his current activities for film score and sound design, Subheim appears as a deeply personal experience in sounds, atmospheres and moods. May it be with the introvert electronica of his 2008′s “Approach” debut, the successful mixture of orchestral and jazz arrangements in 2010′s “No Land Called Home”, or the experiments heard in various live sets and tracks ever since (including acoustic, contact-mic performances and more beat-driven material), Subheim is a project which draws its cohesion from the truly human touch of his author more than from a small array of sonic elements. One instantly recognizes a Subheim track, not necessarily because it sounds like another one, but because it feels like another one. At times symphonic, at times fragile, Subheim’s concerts are mesmerizing experiences which seduce their audience both with the encompassing sonic ingredients as with the daring experiments from which they are drawn. Strings, deep ambiences, reverberation, nostalgic synthesizers, vocals, acoustic percussions, field recordings and found objects have all played a part in Subheim’s music (both in the studio and live). No two shows are the same, for while Subheim’s releases are still few, this musician never ceases to create, experiment and refine his art.
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