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“We’re here to have a ball.”

(Art Blakey)


Lives and works in Linz / Austria.

Interesting themes and structures preferably move in the protecting environment of the underground. Right where enough space and stages can be found for growth and development. The freedom of jazz combined with the groove of house and breakbeat describes the character of Parov Stelar. The main theme is clearly defined, high quality music engaged in functionality. Parovs productions addresses the DJ at the club as well as the listener in his easy chair and - he is spinning his well selected vinyls across the world.


Lives and works in Linz / Austria.

He started playing saxophone when he was 11 years old. In 2004 he passed the examination at the “Anton Bruckner Private University” in Linz where he still studies Jazz saxophone. Markus Ecklmayr regularly plays gigs with musicians and bands from the Jazz-scene and other directions. During the last 2 years he put a lot of efforts into various projects with different casts. At the moment he puts his main focus on GrooveJazzMusic. In November of 2005 he became a founding member of Parov Stelar…s live band. To play music has a strong influence on his personal development and musical style. He…s always looking forward to the next productions.


“No matter which music you play - every note should be a universe!”

Stefan Hölzl is the bassman of the Parov Stelar live band. He was born in Rosenheim/Germany and played his first instrument, the violin, for 5 years as a little child. He started playing the electric bass at the age of 13. In 2006 he finished the Bachelor of Art at the Anton Bruckner University Linz/Austria. He played/plays in several bands like The Royal Drive Affair, Notown Mash and Cyberfunk and joined them for a hundrets of shows worldwide. He is also a founding member of the Parov Stelar Live Band.


“I like to be into the game of making people guess is it a machine or is it a drummer”

Andreas Lettner is a busy session drummer for several bands round the area of Linz and Vienna. His approach of being versatile and savvy enough to play any style of music gave him the opportunity to perform, tour and record with lots of different artists such as Parov Stelar, Mono&Nikitaman, Sk Invitational, Lylit, [midshi] and lots of others. “I…m very serious about what I do, and I want people to know my professionalism - that I can do the Job that I am called to do” He joined Parov Stelar…s Live band in November 2006.
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