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Marcus Füreder (born November 27, 1974), better known by his stage name Parov Stelar, is an Austrian musician and DJ. He performs with his band, the Parov Stelar Band, as well as a DJ worldwide. Parov Stelar is the head of Etage Noir Recordings.


After gaining experience as a DJ at nightclubs during the mid-late 1990s, Parov Stelar got involved in producing and publishing in 2000.

After early works under the pseudonym Plasma and his real name, and also being a partner of the label Bushido Recordings, in 2004 he started producing under the pseudonym Parov Stelar. In the same year he founded his own label: Etage Noir Recordings.

His first release, for Etage Noir, the EP KissKiss and the soon after-released LP Rough Cuts, provided him immediate breakthrough on the international electronic music scene. His specific approach to music production, combined with a proven sense of sound aesthetics, led to massive reaction of audience and colleagues all around the world, giving him reputation as the founder of a new genre: electro swing.

Parov Stelar's tracks have been used on more than 700 compilations (for example: Hôtel Costes, Buddha Bar and Electro Swing) and have been used in soundtracks for numerous TV ads, TV shows, TV series and movies.

In 2012, an excerpt from his song "Chambermaid Swing" was used in a well-known Bacardi commercial.

Also in 2012, his retro-song "Booty Swing", sampled heavily from Lil Hardin Armstrong's "Oriental Swing", was featured in the US television advertising campaign entitled "Just the Right Amount of Wrong" for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. In 2013, "Booty Swing" was featured in a controversial commercial for Chevrolet. Although Bloomberg used the term "racist" when referring to the song as used in the Chevrolet ad, it did not cite the actual title for Armstrong's original or Stelar's version, or give credit to either artist.

The Parov Stelar Band

After starting as a solo artist and gaining initial success, in 2005 Parov Stelar began to perform live sets with a full band. This collaboration with four – later five – musicians and a vocalist noticeably influenced his work.[citation needed]

Current members of the Parov Stelar Band

  • Parov Stelar aka Marcus Fuereder – programming
  • Cleo Panther aka Daniela Hrenek – vocals
  • Max the Sax aka Markus Ecklmayr – saxophone
  • Jerry Di Monza aka Gerd Rahstorfer – trumpet
  • Jakob Mayr – trombone
  • Willie Larsson Jr. aka Hans-Juergen Bart – drums
  • Michael Wittner – bass
  • Bozo Bozanski aka Blaz Bozic – triangle

Former members of the Parov Stelar Band

  • Beate Baumgartner – vocals
  • Gianna Charles – vocals
  • Stefan Hölzl – bass
  • Eva Klampfer – vocals
  • Andi Lettner – drums
  • Wolf Myer – drums

DJ sets

Parov Stelar's DJ sets include live performances by his band members Markus Ecklmayr (saxophone) and Gerd Rahstorfer (trumpet).



Year Album Details Peak chart positions
2001 Shadow Kingdom 2×12" Vinyl & CD, Bushido Recordings, as Plasma
2004 Rough Cuts CD, Etage Noir Recordings
2005 Seven and Storm CD, Etage Noir Recordings
2007 Shine CD, Etage Noir Recordings
2008 Daylight CD, Rambling Records
2009 That Swing – Best Of CD, Etage Noir Recordings
2009 Coco CD, Etage Noir Recordings 65 10
2012 The Princess CD, Etage Noir Recordings 4 35 8 86 9
2013 The Invisible Girl
(Parov Stelar Trio)
CD, Etage Noir Recordings 18 4 40
2013 The Art of Sampling
(Parov Stelar Trio)
2 CDs, 2 LPs, CD, DD Etage Noir Recordings, Island Records, Universal Music Germany 6 117 35 27


  • 2001: Shadow Kingdom EP (12" Vinyl, Bushido Recordings, as Plasma)
  • 2002: Lo Tech Trash (12" Vinyl, Bushido Recordings, as Marcus Füreder)
  • 2004: KissKiss (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2004: Move On! (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2004: Wanna Get (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2004: Primavera (12" Vinyl, Auris Recordings)
  • 2005: Music I Believe In (12" Vinyl, ~Temp Records, as Marcus Füreder)
  • 2005: A Night in Torino (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2005: Spygame (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2006: Parov Stelar EP (12" Vinyl, Big Sur)
  • 2006: Charleston Butterfly (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2007: Jet Set EP (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2007: Sugar (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2008: The Flame of Fame (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2008: Libella Swing (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2009: Coco EP (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2010: The Phantom EP (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2010: The Paris Swingbox EP (Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2011: La Fête EP (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2012: Jimmy's Gang EP (Etage Noir Recordings)


  • 2000: "Synthetica/Stompin' Ground" (12" Vinyl, Bushido Recordings, as Marcus Füreder)
  • 2001: "Guerrilla" (12" Vinyl, Bushido Recordings, as Marcus Füreder)
  • 2004: "Get Up on Your Feet" (12" Vinyl, Sunshine Enterprises)
  • 2005: "Faith" (Maxi-CD, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2007: "Rock For/Love" (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2007: "Shine" (Maxi-CD, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2013: "The Mojo Radio Gang"

Video clips

  • 2005: "Seven" (from the album Seven and Storm)
  • 2007: "Love" (from the album Shine)
  • 2007: "Shine" (from the album Shine)
  • 2008: "Matilda" (official)
  • 2009: "Coco" (from the album Coco)
  • 2009: "Let's Roll" (from the album Coco)
  • 2010: "Catgroove" (TSC – Forsythe)
  • 2010: "Coco Remixed" (Remix)
  • 2010: "The Mojo Radio Gang" (Chris de Krijger & Bart Geerts)
  • 2010: "The Phantom" (Markus Seisenbacher)
  • 2012: "Jimmy's Gang" (from the album The Princess)
  • 2012: "Nobody's Fool" (Drushba Pankow)
  • 2012: "Nobody's Fool" (official)
  • 2012: "Parov Stelar Shuffle" (Josy Carver)
  • 2012: "Requiem for Annie" (from the album The Princess)
  • 2012: "The Princess" (official)
  • 2012: "Love Remixed" (official)
  • 2013: "All Night" (JSM JustSomeMotion)
  • 2013: "Keep on Dancing" (official)
  • 2013: "Josephine" (JSM JustSomeMotion)

Tour documentary

  • 2013: ALL NIGHT – The Parov Stelar Tour Movie (2012–2013) (video by Florian Schwarz & Manuel Knoflach)


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