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Ni-Ni was Nynne Qvortrup, a Danish bubblegum dance artist. Ni-Ni’s songs were produced by Longhorn, who produced Bambee’s second album, but Ni-Ni sadly did not get the fame and recognition that Bambee received.

Ni-Ni is best known for her songs “1,2,3,4,007”, “Be Together”, and “Dabbi Doo” which appeared on her 2001 album release “Mermaid”. Ni-Ni is produced by Longhorn, who is famous for his work with Hit’n’Hide and Bambee.

In 2001 Ni-Ni released her debut album “Mermaid” in Scandinavia and Japan. Recorded at Hipcat Studios and distributed by House of Scandinavia, “Mermaid” had limited success on the charts, and no singles were released from the album.

The song “Be Together”, composed by Tetsuya Komuro and written by Mitsuko Komuro, appears as a bonus track on the Japanese release of Mermaid.

Many of Ni-Ni’s songs have appeared on Dance games such as Dance Dance Revolution (“1,2,3,4,007”, and “Be Together”) and Dancemania (“Dabbi Doo”, “1,2,3,4,007”). She is also well-known by Anime fans, due to many of her music being used in fan-made anime videos.
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