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Missing Heart was a Eurodance group managed by German producers David Brandes, Felix Gauder, Gary Jones and others.

Missing Heart began in 1994 with Lyane Leigh as the main vocalist until 1999, when she was replaced by Russian singer Manu More, formerly of Smiles & More. They are best known for their hits "Wild Angels" and "Charlene". Their debut album "Mystery" was released in 2000.

Missing Heart officially disbanded in 2002.

Musical career

Missing Heart began in 1994 with their debut single "Wild Angels", featuring E-Rotic vocalist Lyane Leigh as the lead female singer. In 1996, Missing Heart returned with their second single "Charlene". The third single was released in 1997. It was a cover of "Moonlight Shadow" originally recorded by Mike Oldfield featuring Maggie Reilly.

In 1999, Lyane Leigh officially left Missing Heart and was replaced by Manu More, formerly of Smiles & More. The album would be recorded in late 1999 and was finally released in 2000, titled "Mystery". After that, two more singles were released; "Aeternum" in 2000 and "Tears In May" in 2001. Also, "In Aeternum" and "Prison Of Passion" would be released as singles by the Eurodance project Apanachee, a project very similar to Missing Heart from BROS Team.

In 2002, it was announced by David Brandes that there would probably not be anymore releases from Missing Heart, suggesting the group had officially disbanded.

Unlike E-Rotic, Missing Heart's songs are not related with such sexual topics, they are more romantic and energetic.

It is a known fact that the actual vocalist for Missing Heart after Lyane's departure was Lydia Madajewski, who was also the current vocalist for E-Rotic. It is also known that many unreleased Missing Heart songs would later be used in future E-Rotic albums over the next few years.



  • 2000: Mystery


  • 1994: Wild Angels
  • 1996: Charlene
  • 1997: Moonlight Shadow
  • 2001: Tears In May


Singles by Missing Heart that were released under other project names.

  • 2001: In Aeternum (as Apanachee)
  • 2001: Prison Of Passion (as Apanachee)

Music Videos

  • 2001: Tears In May (Club Radio Mix)


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