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Mika is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Male given name (primarily used in Finland)

  • Mika (singer) (born 1983), British singer-songwriter
  • Mika Aaltonen (born 1965), Finnish football player
  • Mika Antić (1932–1986), Serbian poet
  • Mika Chunuonsee (born 1989), Welsh-Thai football player
  • Michael "Mika" Simões Domingues (born 1991), Portuguese goalkeeper
  • Michaël "Mika" Goossens (born 1973), Belgian football player
  • Mika Häkkinen (born 1968), former Finnish Formula One driver and double World Champion, former DTM racer as well
  • Mika Halvari (born 1970), Finnish shot putter
  • Mika Hannula (born 1979), Swedish ice hockey player
  • Mika Helin (born 1978), Finnish football player
  • Mika Horiuchi (born 1986), Japanese-American musician
  • Mika Immonen (born 1972), Finnish pool player
  • Mika Kallio (born 1982), Finnish motorcycle racer
  • Mika "Gas" Karppinen (born 1971), Finnish drummer
  • Mika Kaurismäki (born 1955), Finnish film director
  • Mika Koivuniemi (born 1967), Finnish ten-pin bowler
  • Mika Kojonkoski (born 1963), Finnish ski jumper and politician
  • Mika Kuusisto (born 1967), Finnish cross-country skier
  • Mika Lahtinen (born 1985), Finnish football player
  • Mika Laitinen (born 1973), Finnish ski jumper
  • Mika Luttinen (born 1971), Finnish musician
  • Mika Muranen (born 1971), Finnish prisoner
  • Mika Myllylä (born 1969), Finnish cross-country skier
  • Mika Niskanen (born 1973), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Mika Noronen (born 1979), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Mika Nurmela (born 1971), Finnish football player
  • Mika-Matti Paatelainen (born 1967), Finnish football manager, better known as Mixu Paatelainen
  • Mika Peltonen (born 1965), Finnish military officer
  • Mika Pohjola (born 1971), Finnish jazz pianist
  • Mika Ronkainen (born 1970), Finnish film director
  • Mika Salo (born 1966), Finnish auto racer
  • Mika Sankala (born 1964), Finnish football manager and former footballer
  • Mika Singh (born 1977), Indian singer
  • Mika Špiljak (1916–2007), Yugoslav politician
  • Mika Strömberg (born 1970), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Mika Tauriainen (born 1975), Finnish rock singer
  • Mika Vainio, member of the Finnish electronic duo Pan sonic
  • Mika Vasara (born 1983), Finnish shot putter
  • Mika Väyrynen (born 1981), Finnish football player
  • Mika Vukona, (born 1982), Fijian-born New Zealand basketball player
  • Mika Waltari (1908–1979), Finnish author

Female given name (primarily used in Japan)

  • Mika Akino (born 1973), the Japanese wrestler AKINO
  • Mika Arisaka (born 1974), Japanese-American singer
  • Mika Boorem (born 1987), American actress
  • Mika Brzezinski (born 1967), American Television Journalist, co-host of Morning Joe
  • Mika Doi (born 1956), Japanese voice actress
  • Mika Handa, singer with the band Mika Bomb
  • Mika Kamita (born 1982), Japanese singer
  • Mika Kanai (born 1964), Japanese voice actress
  • Mika Kato, namesake singer of the Sadistic Mika Band
  • Mika Kawamura (born 1973), Japanese manga artist
  • Mika Kikuchi (born 1983), Japanese actress
  • Mika Miyazato (born 1989), Japanese golfer
  • Mika Nakashima (born 1983), Japanese singer
  • Mika Newton (born 1986), Ukrainian singer
  • Mika Tan (born 1977), American adult actress
  • Mika Todd (born 1984), American jazz singer and former Hello! Project member
  • Mika Urbaniak (born 1980), Polish pop singer
  • Mika Yamamoto (1967-2012), Japanese journalist
  • Mika Yamauchi (born 1969), Japanese volleyball player

As a surname

  • Brad Mika (born 1981), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Setefano Mika (born 1985), Samoan middle distance runner

Fictional characters

  • Mika Ahonen, a character from the anime/manga Strike Witches
  • R. Mika, a character from the Street Fighter video game series
  • Mika Kujiin, one of the main characters in the Kanamemo anime/manga
  • Mika Nogizaka, a character from the light novel and anime Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu
  • Mika Samuels, a character from the television series The Walking Dead

See also

  • Mika Alas, urban neighborhood of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Sadistic Mika Band, Japanese hard rock band
  • Mika Bomb, Japanese pop-punk band
  • Mika Miko, American punk-noise band
  • Mika VM, open-source Java VM for embedded use
  • Mika, Masovian Voivodeship (east-central Poland)
  • FC MIKA, Armenian football team
  • Mika Stadium
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