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Loyal Enemy is a 4 piece modern rock band that originated in Southern Spain. Realizing the potential of Loyal Enemy, Mikki Nilsen (singer, song writer) decided to take this project to a more adequate environment, Los Angeles, CA. There, Dave Garcia (bass) and Michael Platt (solo guitars), joined the band. All band members are educated musicians, fully dedicated and passionate, with high goals in their careers.

Loyal Enemy’s sound is influenced by a wide spectrum of music, from the obvious rock and pop to classical piano and orchestra. This is reflected in their song writing where they have found a balance between the hard and the soft. The name is meant to represent this: loyal & enemy, hot & cold, yin & yang, etc. In the writing process, the band works towards making a good song, rather than showing off individual skills. Song comes first.

Their music video for Obsession won an award for best video at Festival Cine de Malaga, one of Spain’s most important film festivals. (2010)

Our Beautiful Death video also won an award for best video. (2010)

The short film ‘Cuatro Esquinas’ won an award for best soundtrack using only music from Loyal Enemy at the Festival ‘ Ateneo Costecero’ (2008)

Music from Loyal Enemy has also been featured in commercials such as Peugeot and Playstation.

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