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Last Name Pronunciation: Byork. One syllable, rhymes with “York.” Piano Style: Jeff’s music has been described as heartfelt with a classical feel. While typically categorized as new age, Bjorck’s unique sound extends beyond this genre. With particular emphasis on deep emotion and melody, his compositions have been called nostalgic, inspirational, contemplative, joyful, and even stunning. His most recent release, This I Know: Ageless Hymns of Faith, was selected by piano reviewer Kathy Parsons as one of her “top CDs for 2007.” Short Bio: Born to two artists, Bjorck began creating music at the age of ten. To Jeff, nature embodies God’s ultimate artistic creativity, and it is frequently the subject of his music. He also loves composing through the media of photography, illustration, painting, and poetry. When not composing, Dr. Bjorck pursues his profession as a clinical psychologist, researcher, and professor at Fuller Seminary’s Graduate School of Psychology. His multifaceted vocation typifies his ongoing passion for a Renaissance man’s approach to life. When not working or enjoying time with his wife, Sharon, Jeff occasionally likes scaring their two cats with his clarinet renditions of ’30s and ’40s big band tunes. He also loves to seek creative inspiration for new music by hang gliding high above the mountains of Southern California. - from the artist’s site at
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