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J Bigga is a singer, songwriter and producer from Las Vegas. In the last year, J has turned down offers from 2 major labels. He produces his own music, and videos, runs his own record label and website. “I can’t believe the offers I’ve gotten from these labels” Says J, “Now I realize why these bands are on MTV. It’s not because they sound good, It’s because they were stupid enough to sign!” J’s mistrust for the system comes thru in his new album “Screw U Mom Screw U Dad” now on iTunes.

J Bigga’s Free Ringtone Policy

“Major labels charge $2 for a ringtone and 2$ for a stupid video that you can see on for free” J told Smash Magazine “I think that’s wrong, if my fans want the song they’ll get it on iTunes for .99 cents but i give my Ringtones and Videos away free on our website”
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