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Insomnium is a Finnish melodic death metal band from Joensuu, Finland. Their most recent album "One for Sorrow" was released October 2011. On 9 September 2011 Insomnium released the music video "Through The Shadows" from their 2011 album One For Sorrow.

In November 2011, Insomnium embarked on their first headlining European tour, with support from Before The Dawn and MyGRAIN. During April 2012 Insomnium returned to tour the UK as the main support act for British gothic metal band Paradise Lost. Vreid was also present on the tour as a supporting opening act.

On September 19th 2013, Insomnium released 'Ephemeral', a single from their forthcoming album to be released in 2014 via Century Media Records. It is the first track to feature new guitarist Markus Vanhala (Omnium Gatherum), who replaced Ville Vänni in 2011.

On April 29th 2014, Insomnium released their sixth studio album, titled "Shadows of the Dying Sun".

Band members

Current members

  • Niilo Sevänen − vocals, bass (1997−present)
  • Ville Friman − backing vocals, guitar (1997−present)
  • Markus Hirvonen − drums (1997−present)
  • Markus Vanhala − guitar (2011−present)

Former members

  • Tapani Pesonen − drums, guitar (1997−1998)
  • Timo Partanen − guitar (1998−2001)
  • Ville Vänni − guitar (2001−2011)


  • In the Halls of Awaiting (2002)
  • Since the Day It All Came Down (2004)
  • Above the Weeping World (2006)
  • Across the Dark (2009)
  • One for Sorrow (2011)
  • Shadows of the Dying Sun (2014)


  • Demo 1999 (1999)
  • Underneath the Moonlit Waves (2000)


  • Where the Last Wave Broke (2009)
  • Weather the Storm (2011)
  • While We Sleep (2014)


  • Ephemeral (2013)


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