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Groove Armada is an electronic music duo from London, England, composed of Andy Cato and Tom Findlay. They achieved chart success with their singles "I See You Baby" and "Superstylin'". The group has released eight studio albums, four of which have charted in the UK Albums Chart top 50.


Groove Armada first formed in the mid-1990s after they had been introduced by Cato's wife and soon started their own club, also called Groove Armada, after a 1970s discothèque.[citation needed]

By 1997 they had released a few singles, including "4 Tune Cookie" and the song that first brought them minor fame, "At the River", which sampled "Old Cape Cod" by Patti Page (used in the film Die Hard 2). The song went on to be one of Groove Armada's best-known tracks and has been found on numerous chill out compilations.

Their first album, Northern Star, was released in 1998 on Tummy Touch Records, and was followed by their second album, Vertigo, in 1999, which had a more mainstream and more 'polished' sound, thus making the UK Album Chart's upper 20 and being certified silver in the UK.[citation needed] It also included "At the River" which was re-released as a full-fledged single. An album of remixed tracks from Vertigo entitled The Remixes followed in 2000, along with their contribution to the Back to Mine mix album series.

Their next studio album Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) was released in 2001, and as its title suggests marked a move away from chill out to more upbeat music – as demonstrated by the Grammy-nominated single "Superstylin'". Another mix album followed, this time for the Another Late Night series, and in 2002, less than a year after Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub), Groove Armada produced Lovebox, which included a variety of genres including funk. Some tracks had a rock element to them, such as "Madder", while others were closer to Armada's traditional house music roots, such as the title track "Lovebox", and "Remember", which has vocals made up entirely of samples of Sandy Denny's singing for Fairport Convention. An additional bonus track was later released on their website entitled "Fairport".[citation needed]

A greatest hits album, entitled The Best of Groove Armada, appeared in 2004 – the last of their releases with Pepper Records – before their studio album Soundboy Rock was released in 2007. The album marked a notable departure from the multi-genre-influenced previous album, featuring tracks such as "Get Down" and "Groove Extracts", which follow the current UK garage trend, tracks with rock elements, and "Song 4 Mutya (Out of Control)" featuring the vocals of ex-Sugababes singer Mutya Buena, hailed by online music guide Popjustice as one of the best songs of 2007.[citation needed]

Following the successful Soundboy Rock singles, an updated best-of set titled Greatest Hits was released in October 2007. This was accompanied by GA10: 10 Year Story, a 2CD rarities collection released in November 2007 to celebrate their tenth anniversary as a band. The band have talked in-depth about the compilation, and cited it as an "emotional experience", selecting their personal favourite songs and mixes from their history.[dead link]

Groove Armada also released a collaboration[which?] with The Japanese Popstars through Strictly Rhythm, via Beatport, in April 2008.

In the same year, Groove Armada engaged in a deal with Bacardi to distribute their new 4-track EP using a file sharing platform called B-Live Share.

During 2009, Findlay and Cato repeatedly confirmed the existence of a pending new album. While on the Bacardi Express tour in Australia, Findlay said it will be called Black Light and "is going to be the darker side of Groove Armada, which is finally coming out after 12 years." The first single, released on 23 November 2009, was "I Won't Kneel", featuring Groove Armada's new vocalist, SaintSaviour. The album's second single, "Paper Romance", was released on 22 February 2010, and the album was released in Europe on 28 February.

In October 2010, Groove Armada released a remix album, White Light, which contained recent studio re-recordings of alternative live versions of many songs from Black Light as well as other classic Groove Armada songs. Andy Cato stated on the official Groove Armada blog that "Ideas were flowing. Go, Not Forgotten, Look Me In the Eye Sister, Superstylin got even larger."[citation needed] Groove Armada headlined Uber Cool festival at Jersey Live on 3 September. The duo embarked on a series of secretive "living room" sets, performing intimately across the country for audiences of close friends. Little information surrounds these private performances, but the tour kicked off in Brighton in late January, 2011.

To date,[when?] the group has collaborated with a diverse array of artists, including Neneh Cherry, DJ Gram’Ma Funk, Sophie Barker, Nappy Roots, Fudge Dog, Sunshine Anderson, Mutya Buena, Jeru the Damaja, Richie Havens, Will Young and Brodanse.

They will release their new EP, Pork Soda, in 2014 . The EP includes three brand new tracks, "Pork Soda, "Hyde & Freak" and "Jack in Black".


Studio albums
  • Northern Star (1998)
  • Vertigo (1999)
  • Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) (2001)
  • Lovebox (2002)
  • Soundboy Rock (2007)
  • Black Light (2010)
  • White Light (2010)

Other work

From 1995 to 2000, Andy Cato was part of the progressive house music projects Mother's Pride and Qattara, and produced solo efforts under the aliases Caia and Journeyman DJ. In 2002, Cato collaborated with Rachel Foster, producing the album Pursuit of Happiness under the name Weekend Players. He also co-wrote with Sophie Ellis-Bextor on her album Shoot from the Hip, and released his first solo single under his own name, "La Luna". Cato has also worked with Róisín Murphy on her album Overpowered, producing the singles "Let Me Know" and "You Know Me Better".

Tom Findlay makes up one half of Sugardaddy, with Tim Hutton, and has collaborated with Keeling Lee. In 2005, he set up Tunetribe, a music download store. Findlay has described working with Prince as his dream collaboration, although there are no plans for such at the moment.

Andy and Tom have also recently worked with Ivy and Lil, 81 and 86, on a charity project to raise money for young and disadvantaged kids.[citation needed]

In 2011 Andy became the first musician to compose a ringtone specifically for a charity, WaveLength Charity, which gives TVs and radios to isolated and vulnerable people.

In popular culture

In PlayStation Home, in association with VidZone, beginning on 3 December 2009 and ending on 17 December 2009, there was an event in a special PlayStation Events Space, the Presentation Podium, for Groove Armada. The event featured a mini-game called Freezeball, rewards, and exclusive music content and interview footage from Groove Armada. The event is to celebrate the launch of Groove Armada's album Black Light. Their song Madder is featured in Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc. Their song But I Feel Good is featured in Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 [dead link] "Paper Romance" is featured on the soundtrack of FIFA 11.

  • "Madder" appears in the video game, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, in the opening sequence.
  • "Madder" and "Easy" appears in the 2003 Australian film Gettin' Square.
  • "Hands of Time" is featured in the movies Collateral, Domino, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, A Lot like Love and Tell No One, an episode of the 2000s BBC television series Red Cap, Season 2 Episode 13 of the NBC television series Life and various episodes of Top Gear.
  • "Edge Hill" was on the soundtrack of the first Tomb Raider movie.
  • "Chicago" was on the soundtrack of Kevin & Perry Go Large.
  • "If Everybody Looked the Same" is featured in the 2000 remake of Get Carter, the 2000 remake of Gone in Sixty Seconds and also Miss Congeniality.
  • "Superstylin" was featured on Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 for Xbox.
  • "But I Feel Good" is the song that plays on the radio when Hollywood Jack played by Timothy Olyphant exits his car in the movie A Man Apart.
  • "But I Feel Good" featured in video game Cricket 2005.
  • "At the River" featured in the 2013 film About Time.


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