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There are two bands named “Eternal Oath” 1) Eternal Oath is a Swedish Death/Goth metal band, originally formed in 1991 by Ted Jonsson, Petri Tarvainen and Joni Mäensivu. Having gone through some financial difficulties and problems with their record companies Eternal Oath managed to release four albums. Their full-length albums “Righteous” and “Wither” were mixed and engineered by Fredrik Nordström, who has worked with such acts as In Flames, Arch Enemy, At the gates and Dark Tranquillity. They split-up in 2007 but re-united in 2011 with promise of upcoming material sometime in 2013. Current Line-up: Joni Mäensivu - Vocals Peter Nagy - Guitar (Hypocrite, ex-Mörk Gryning, ex-Wyvern (Swe), Defender (Swe)) Petri Tarvainen - Guitar Mika Kajanen - Bass Johan Adler - Keyboard Ted Jonsson - Drums 2) Eternal Oath is a Black/Gothic metal band from Singapore which formed in 1992. They released two demos in the early/mid nineties before releasing their sole EP, “Ar Est Celare Artem” which showed a large influence from folk music. They are no longer active. Last known line-up: Aim Jadoo - Bass, Guitars Jadoogar Baggio - Drums Duke Asman - Vocals
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