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Feel that heart string being tugged? Then Case Mayfield’s cunning plan has worked. Intelligent folk, sometimes fragile, sometimes experimental but always passionate. His lyrics are moving, and his vocals a perfect fit for the style he carries.

Not too fancy. That’s Case Mayfield’s music and his approach to his profession. Real emotions without much finery. Minimal means lead to maximum results. His debut EP, released in October 2010, has brought him to many places; from livingrooms to Paradiso, the Public’s prize of the Grote Prijs van Nederland – Holland’s most prestigious music contest – and leading Dutch television show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’. TV-hosts called him ‘one of the best Dutch vocalists out there’. It’s the finery that Mayfield himself usually tends to omit.

Guitar songs with subtile folk influences is what Mayfield does best. However Ryan Adams and Ray LaMontagne are never far away, you mainly hear the Amsterdam singer himself. His songs are filled with pain, grief, venom, anger and cynicism. Tracks like ‘Crooked Waits’, ‘Our Mom’ and ‘Alright Louise’, they hurt like a sharp knife tearing a nerve. However, this pain is more than welcome.

Mayfield knows how to get these feelings across from up a stage, as he has proven over the previous months. At first sight, he might look shy, phlegmatic man; after a single note all that counts is the man’s music. Mayfield, who comes from Volendam, makes no concessions, in writing, recording and performing.

In 2011, Case Mayfield will be working on his debut album ‘The Many Colored Beast’ alongside producer Ro Halfhide (Lucky Fonz III, Claw Boys Claw) and now and again will surprise by releasing new material without notice. Until the debut album comes out, he’s a live act not to be missed by any possible crowd.
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