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Ekaterina Boldyreva (Екатерина Болдырева, born October 6, 1975 in Kazan, Russia) is a Russian singer-songwriter. She finished her studies at the State University of Culture and Arts in Kazan in 2000, having studied violin and other instruments. She plays the guitar as a singer-songwriter, and stylistically cites Борис Гребенщиков as her main influence, as well as Квартал, Настя Полева, Roxette and The Cranberries. Her first studio album was Цыганская душа (Gypsy Soul), released in 1999. She has released a total of 10 albums, the best known of which is most likely 2003’s Поверь! (Believe!). With each new project, Boldyreva tends to switch musical groups, and she is known for collaborating frequently with other groups, such as ГрАссМейстер and Станция Мир.
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