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Блондинка Ксю (Xu Blonde) was born on August 21, 1982 in Gorky Town. Her real name is Ксения Сидорина (Xenia Sidorina). She began her musical career with the female punk-band Alter agO – a Nirvana covers band – in 1997. Then in 2000 she joined LADY-F (ex-Lady-Freddy), who released a split with Лампасы (Lampasy) in 2004. Meanwhile Ксю had also joined another band, famous ska-punk collective Элизиум (Elysium). Her vocal performance features in three of their albums. Then in 2005 she left them to begin a solo-career. She has released 2 albums under the name «Блондинка КсЮ»: Я - Блондинка! (I’m a Blonde!) in 2005 and Время Все Разрушает (Time Destroys Everything) in December of 2006. Official site:
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